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YouTube channel "streeture design"

This is my 2014 YouTube-channel design. My brand is called "streeture design".

The story of "streeture"
In 2006 we invented the brand "streeture" - a portmanteau from street + creature. Our mascot is a Mexican amphibian called Axolotl. This creature metamorphosed and became a skater. With it's skateboard it lived on the street. We changed its look a few times over the years, but the star around its eyes always stayed. That's why I carried it over to the "streeture" 2014 logo.
From a skateboard brand in 2007 (t-shirts, stickers, skateboard graphics) "streeture" has grown to the unique "streeture design" brand (digital usage, business cards).

Under the name "streeture" created content:
- t-shirts
- skateboard graphic
- brickfilms (LEGO)
- motion graphics
- game columns (
- graphic design